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Counting my blessings – Modgam is turning 1!

I have been feeling a lot the past few months, like a million zillion thoughts going through my head. I am a little overwhelmed but mostly thankful. I have been wanting to do… Continue reading

Results for my 2nd Giveaway!!

Thank you everyone for participating my 2nd giveaway. I wished I have more bag charms and items so that I can cater to everyone! Thank you for taking time in participating this. I… Continue reading


I finally bought my own domain and I am overjoyed! Feels like I really do own my blog now! Everyone, meet http://www.modgam.com!!!!!!!!! Hahahaaaaa I am still the same ol’ same ol’ but slightly… Continue reading


I revamped my blog a month ago and I cannot believe I now have 100+ followers! I really want to thank everyone of you for liking and following my blog… This means a… Continue reading

Sings “I’m walking on Sunshine… woooooahhhh”

I’ve receive the Sunshine Award… WOOTS! Thank you SérachShiro for this beautiful award. It got me smiling nonstop when I receive the email telling me she nominated me for this cheery award. Thank… Continue reading

My 1st Thank You Giveaway – come join everyone!

I wanted to do a giveaway when I hit a certain number of followers and I was thinking if 30 or 50 would be possible cos despite blogging for a very long time,… Continue reading