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Outfit of the day – Tiger Kaleidoscope

Have you been missing my Outfit of the day posts? I sure have!! Yes, I know I haven’t been updating my Outfit of the day for a very very long time. It wasn’t… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Dripping Neons

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I have a thing for dripping design. Hahaa I have done quite a few different dripping nail arts and even my iphone… Continue reading

Outfit of The Day: Eyes on U

It was love at first sight with the cool eye belt! My colleagues think the belt looks a little eerie but i love it! LOL i think the belt gives the cute polkadot… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Color Me Straight (recycle top)

This blouse has been with me for many many years and I’ve outgrown it. It has shrunk so badly but I really love the puff sleeves and couldn’t bear to throw it away.… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Half Half (Complete)

Why complete? I started outfit of the day poses minus my face initially. SHY! Hahaaa anyway I am wearing this again and posing full with the help of my awesome colleague/photographer. I would… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Still going Native

That is why in my previous outfit of the day post I was saying I am still native (animal) loving so it shouldn’t be difficult to guess my outfit for today ya? TA-DAHHHH…… Continue reading

Outfit of the day – Monster Inc

TGIF so I’m letting the monster out to play! wheeeeee Top: Japan Leggings: Topshop Bangles: H&M (Yellow and Pink), Bangkok (Black Spike), Lego (Grey White Black), Coach (Star) Ring: Nervous Shoes: Flying shoes… Continue reading

nailart + outfit of the day

My favorite manicurist is away till next month and she wouldn’t be able to do my (birthday) nails for me. Was a little upset with the bad service given, long story short… luckily… Continue reading