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New York INSTANT CELL-REBORN TREATMENT – redeem your exclusive trial now!

Sponsored Ad Seeing more skin problems as you age? As you approach your 30’s, your metabolism rate and skin renewal slows down significantly each year. As a result, your skin not only loses… Continue reading

Hitachi HadaCRie Cool – my 1st video!

My very 1st video dedicated to Hitachi HadaCRie and thanks to Ruiting of LoveLivfe.com, this video is made possible. She not only helped film the whole process, she did the whole editing as… Continue reading

KOSE new INFINITY XX series – my skin after 1 month

Sponsored Ad It’s been a month since I 1st started my INFINITY KOSÉ journey. I am happy with the improvement I see after using INFINITY KOSÉ for just 2 weeks! My skin feels… Continue reading

KOSE new INFINITY XX series – my skin after 2 weeks

Sponsored Ad Many including myself have the misconception about the word ‘Whitening’. A lot of my overseas readers were concern when they read about my blog posts on the beauty products I reviewed… Continue reading

Launch of KOSE new INFINITY XX series

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Amethystory Mineral Yogurt Mask

Sponsored Ad What caught my attention when I receive this product is the sentence on the box ‘Instant Brightening With Intense Hydration’. I could use some intense hydration due to our humid weather.… Continue reading

Bioderma – you can remove makeup and moisturise on the go!

Sponsored Ad Oh yes, you can remove your makeup and moisturise on the go; at work, right after partying while heading home in the cab, on your bed, the sofa, while holidaying, anywhere… Continue reading

Introducing New Sunplay SKIN Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA+++

Sponsored Ad Sunblock is very very important for it helps reduce / prevent wrinkling and ageing of the skin due to our daily exposure from sunlight! Even if you are at home, it’s… Continue reading

Uber kawaii My Melody Oil Free 3D mask from Lovemore

Sponsored Ad I LOVE masks a lot but I have always been sceptical about using masks that looks so cute. As much as I am loving the packaging I was sceptical till I… Continue reading

GLOMAX Aesthetics – See Excellent, Immediate Improvement!

Sponsored Ad GLOMAX Aesthetics – The Face Artistry 12 Eu Tong Sen Street. Soho 2. #06-168 Singapore 059819 (Next to Swissotel Merchant Court). Tel: (65) 6225-5193 Nestled six floors above Singapore’s famous riverside… Continue reading