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Labour Day, My Birthday. =]

Helloooooo, I have been away because I have finally moved and settled in my temporarily house. I thought packing is a chore, unpacking is equally bad! LOL I have also been busy for… Continue reading

Have a very blessed Christmas everyone!

Christmas is my all time favorite festive, its the most wonderful season of the year, but this year I am not feeling the Christmas mood much. Nothing bad happen, infact I take it… Continue reading

Modgam Week Recap

As I lazily slowly edit my pictures and fill you in with blog posts on what I have been up to the entire week, here are some nice pictures from my instagram. Add… Continue reading

2ND GIVEAWAY COMING UP – This calls for a celebration!

I bought 3 items for my upcoming giveaway! This time its bigger (not in size) and better! What is even more exciting is… …I’ve included gifts that are UNISEX! I noticed the increase… Continue reading


I finally bought my own domain and I am overjoyed! Feels like I really do own my blog now! Everyone, meet http://www.modgam.com!!!!!!!!! Hahahaaaaa I am still the same ol’ same ol’ but slightly… Continue reading

Official Launch of Domino’s Pizza Singapore Iphone App

Sponsored Event I am really happy to be invited to the launch organised by Domino Pizza and OMY.SG on 7th June 2012 at The Singapore Flyer. 2 reasons for my excitement for this… Continue reading

Twitter Account Back In Use – Tweet Me?

I’ve had my twitter account for ages but I have been very VERY lazy to update it. After attending my 1st omy event with Domino, only then I realise it is as convenient… Continue reading

Old School Delights – retro

Old School Delights 215M Upper Thompson Road Singapore 547349 Tel: 64584518 http://www.oldschooldelights.com/ Forgotten to blog about this retro classroom like cafe and so here it is. I walked past this cafe a few… Continue reading

lets continue to support each other shall we?

These days I often feel time isn’t enough and how I am tempted to work into the late night till wee mornings where my ideas are most active. I have a full time… Continue reading

Results for my 1st Giveaway!!

Thank you everyone for participating my very 1st giveaway https://modgam.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/my-1st-thank-you-giveaway-come-join/!!! Quite a few of you didn’t follow the instructions and did not subscribed to my blog therefore I am sorry to inform that… Continue reading

My 2nd award – Kreativ Award!! Yey!

To all my fantastic bloggers and readers, I have gotten my second award here and its The Kreativ Blogger Award!!! Along with the sunshine award, I am now the Sunshine Kreativ Blogger! hahaaaa… Continue reading